Earn To Die 3

The apple app market selling record holder developers made a new amazing product and I want to share it with you. Because it is so awesome and has so many great features. Not Doppler are back with a new game and it is a new version of the world's famous game Earn to Die. This newest version has a whole new engine and Gameplay. All the details of the game are modern and cool. Also Earn to die 3 is equipped with most impressive toys and breathtaking things. There are new cars, whole new set of motions, and of course, an entire new collection of deadly guns and chainsaws.

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This new version is exceptional. Owing to the fact that, it is full of stunning new textures, and also has a fresh-developed mode, which gives you the opportunity to play in challenge mode and dare the whole gaming world to beat your score. There are new blood effects, developers has update also cars and made them more realistic, added new bigger and more awesome models. Also, this new version has a whole new screenplay and audio system, which is so marvelous.

Scenario of Earn To Die 3

The gaming world is full of classic shooting games and already old boring racing games, where you have to just drive car and do nothing else. There is no any action or some funny details. But, Earn to die 3 has the most awesome and original story in the genre. The reason of that is simple: There are zombies, which are favorite enemy for gamers, and your main mission is to kill them with most arrogantly and magnificent ways. But, meanwhile, you need to complete task of the solder.

Your character is an old bad school army soldier, who are fighting zombies everywhere and now he needs to get to Oregon military base, where operational airplane is waiting to rescue him. But, your journey and road to Oregon is full of zombies and too many harmful things. Also, this new version has a new enemy for you. They are dead military generals and by that, they are so strong that you need to kill them with accurate way. Developers also added features, like new walls and explosive things. They are not deadly, but really slow you down.

Play earn to die 3

The controls in this game are simple as in previous one, but you need to use tilt carefully, because it is updated and is more useful for your car maneuvers and jumps. But has more realistic power. So, for tilt, you have to use Right and Left Arrow Keys and for rush, you need to press Up arrow Key.

Gameplay and Graphics

Creators of the fame, put a lot of effort on this version, and made the wonderful gameplay for it. There you have new cars and they need repair and updates. To modernize them, you need to cover more and more distance on the road, which is full of zombies and barricades. But, you do not need to worry, because you can buy new deadly guns and bigger wheels with thorns for crash zombiea.

Also, this game has a new feature: While driving fast, you can jump higher, and with tilt you can fly and cover more distance in the sky than it was possible in previous versions.

Graphics in this version are innovative. There are so many new effects and voices, also developers made sophisticated bloody conclusions. They definitely would give you pleasure when you crush 3 zombie heads at the same time, and that is feeling of strength and power, but with entertaining way. So enjoy the game!