Earn To Die

There is too much games about racing and also a lot of survival ones, but what can be more funny and exciting than a game with these two components together? Earn to Die is a new 2-D side survivor racing game, where you can play with zombies and it’s a big challenge for your patience. Cool animated sequences and flying zombies give you an insane amount of fun. Gameplay is so simple as the scenario.

You are in the Texas desert, which is over-ruled by zombies and living conditions are hostile. You doesn’t have choise, but escape from this apocalypse with a bad car and meanwhile, drive over zombie army and various wooden blockades to get through in the safety military airbase in Oregon, where a helicopter is waiting. You just have to drive through a same road, again and again. Farther and farther each time, before you reach the checkpoint in the end and then new road and adventures start. But, complete one level, it’s not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

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Earn To Die

Earn To Die Is Awesome

So, Earn to die is simple and fun cartoon-type game, but also a little hard. While human civilization around you are collapsed, the well built garage is the only way to win battles versus zombies. In this key place, Earn to Die developers put all the fun toys to give you chance of surviving. For example, there is whirring chainsaws and machine guns for you to shoot zombies in the head during the race. At the start, you have to go with small bad hatchback, but before the show, you can improve your zombie crushing ability by upgrading car with new engines, powerful boosters, transmissions, wheels and most importantly, with deadly GUN! Which also requires the purchase of bullets. But, your decisions spend your money for funny part is have to be observed, because to pass whole road, you also need to expand fuel tank and BOOST.

Control keys: for accelerate, you have to press UP key Down key is for brake for tilt, you have to use Left and Right keys If you buy BOOST, you have to hold the X key to use it, but also watch boost fuel on the dashboard and use correctly when you need it most, because you are going through a lot of boxes and explosive barrels, which also slow down your car. While crushing undead heads with your wheel, the game gives you the chance to do this in the classy thrilling way. There are extra money points if you crush zombies with good angles. Crush them by encounter in the head will give you money for superb shot, like a headshot.

Earn To Die

You Will Love The Game

When you earn enough money, you can buy a new car, like good pickup and cool heavy truck. But upgrades which you already have, will be no longer in your new vehicle. So, you have to start upgrading your new car from the scratch and of course, all new guns and engine stuff costs exponentially more, but every new detail is bigger and simply more exciting breakthrough, like huge rocket flame engine and judgment canon. Because of that, this game can be super addictive and you claim to get your car as strong as last one.

Earn to Die is the game with a perfect sense of progression for you. Every new day, zombies getting stronger and they make you burn more fuel. But don’t worry, your wheels can be BIGGER, if you play enough. The sounds in this game are so realistic. When you hear the noise of boost, it is like, you are sitting in the jet and also, canon shooting sounds are so decent. Zombie’s moans and crushing voices are nice too. Music are so heavy and motivational, which suits the game perfectly. Because all of that, this game worth of playing.