Earn To Die 2

The racing and killing zombies are functions of two different genres of the gaming world. This is why you can't make a massive genocide of zombies and drive at the same time, but Not doppler developers as always made our dreams come true and they create a game, where you can run over a zombie army with a sport car or even an ordinary school bus and do stunts also. This is so cool, I'm not even believing, when i heard that, there is a freshly released good version of this amazing game and its called Earn to Die 2.

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Earn To Die 2

This game is perfect way for to learn how use a car to survive in zombie apocalypse and meanwhile, feel so much joy and spend time in an entertaining way. Earn to Die 2 has a new cars and whole different storylines. There is new locations and maps too, also each car has new features and you can upgrade them with insanely big wheels and faster engines. The game developer puts in your garage a new crazy toys, like a machine gun and chainsaws, also there is no bugs in this new version of Earn to Die, so enjoy with pleasure.

The Game Has Great Gameplay

Your story here are starting at the hot and deadly desert in Texas. In my opinion, this is a most beautiful map of the battlefield I have ever seen with fighting zombies, because this hostile place will give you a feeling, like you are standing under the hot sun literally and your car is your only chance to survive. So, your character is a one brave soldier, who is going to help his teammates in Oregon military base to fight against rising deads, but to do so, first you have to find a working vehicle with enough gasoline in the tank.

The scenario of this second version is a continuation of the first story and revealing new details of a zombie apocalypse. You has only garage and it's your last chance to get in the safety zone, but to do so, you have to build and upgrade a cars in this garage. There is also a new plot for you and you have to destroy a new barricades, which is built by zombie generals and new species, who are smarter and stronger, then a last version of this game. So, you need to go through a whole advanced army of zombies and find a helicopter to fly away with this massacre.

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Now let me tell you about the controls.

To rush, you need to press Up key
For Tilt, you have to use the Right and Left keys and unlike previous versions, tilt in this game is really useful and will help you to break strong barriers.
When you buy boost, for use it, you have to press X, but also watch boost fuel dashboard and use correctly when you need it most, because you are going through a lot of new stronger barricades.

Earn to Die 2 has a entire modern gameplay, which gives you so many opportunities to play as you wish and also gives you time to have fun. There are a new details to improve your car's engine and also make it a mobile weapon, because the developers put it so many advanced guns and funny toys in your garage. Also, there are update version of zombies and to take them down, you need to buy a bigger wheels with fangs.

The graphics in this game are so cool as previous versions and you can enjoy with every detail of it. There are new cars with more awesome and realistic texture, also when you play a new maps, you'll see a whole different and advanced backgrounds and music is so cool too, so listen it and enjoy with this amazing game, good luck.